Sam Sallon – One For The Road (Album)

Sam Sallon’s album, ‘One For The Road’, is a testament of his impressive talent as a guitarist and songwriter. His skills as a musician shine through the stripped down, acoustic production of the tracks, which leads the listener to admiring the intricate guitar arpeggio that carries most of the tracks from beginning to end. In some of the cases, the guitar is all there is, and it’s enough.

The album opener, ‘Give’ is the perfect example of this: a gentle guitar carries the weight of the lyrics and create a melancholic atmosphere along with Sam’s mellow voice. Same happens with tracks like ‘Keep Moving’ or ‘You Are Home’, although this last one feels slightly cheerier. The string arrangement only adds up, coloring the songs and giving them a romantic feel.

Character also makes an appearance on the album through songs like ‘My Radio’, ‘You May Not Meant To Hurt Me (but you do)’ and ‘Long Way Down’, which may be my favorite of his. These tracks are fuller musically, the appearance of percussion giving them an extra boost of energy that combines well with the simpler, more relaxing tracks.

‘One For The Road’ was produced by David Watson, who worked with Eric Clapton and the late great Bert Jansch. Guitarist Paul Wassif, Neil Cowley on piano and singer Kami Thompson figure among the musicians who have worked alongside Sallon on this project. ‘One For The Road’ will be available in Spring. In the meantime, here’s ‘Long Way Down’: 


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