This week’s tracks

Madonna – I’m Addicted

While everyone raves about ‘Gang Bang’, let me tell you about ‘I’m Addicted’, from Madonna’s last album, ‘MDNA’. Ever since it came out, I’ve been unable to stop listening to it. The instrumental is, for the lack of a better word, addictive, and unlike ‘Gang Bang’, which I think fits only certain moods, ‘I’m Addicted’ is to be listened to at every occasion you have, really loud, and possibly with sunglasses on.

You’ll like it if: you like electronic music, you like Madonna (=you like good music)


Nicki Minaj – Pound the Alarm 

‘Roman Reloaded’ left a fair share of dance songs from Nicki Minaj. I’m not going to enter in the endless “should Nicki stick to rapping” debate, her career is young enough to crossover to pop if  she wants to without anyone feeling cheated, I think, and if it’s with songs like ‘Pound the Alarm’ then I have nothing to object. The link below is speeded up, so go buy the song on iTunes.

You’ll like it if: you like Starships, you like Red One/David Guetta type produced tracks

Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

Oh Justin, if only you didn’t attempt to rap. If only you didn’t use the world ‘swaggy’, if only you had stuck to singing with that new Justin Timberlake type of voice you’ve developed, this would have been a much better song. And yet, I’m posting it, because I think this could mean a step into the right direction for him, and by right direction I mean a place where his songs are not compulsively bought by half of the world despite their questionable quality and absolutely despised by the other half. Come on Justin, I think it’s time we reach a compromise.

You’ll like it: you like the Biebs, you don’t hate the Biebs, you give people many many chances

Smash Cast – Let’s Be Bad

Smash started out really promising, it’s not every day Spielberg co-produces a TV show centered around the creation of a Broadway musical dedicated to Marilyn Monroe. While the premise itself sounds attractive, the show hasn’t quite managed to follow the hype from a flawless pilot episode. Thankfully, the music ‘Let’s be Bad’ is an original Smash song (they do pop covers too, but they’re not as good) and it’s absolutely everything and more. Sung by Megan Hilty, it is the best track so far the show has produced, and it’s worth a listen.

You’ll like it if: you like musical theatre type songs

Fun – All Alright 

Fun’s album is one of those that work very well depending on your mood. I thought about posting ‘We Are Young’, but at this point I doubt there’s anyone in this world that isn’t sick of hearing it (also, I prefer the Glee version better, bite me). ‘All Alright’ has a completely different vibe, it’s quite moody and hopeless, but I think it’s one of the best on the album.

You’ll like it if: you like ‘We Are Young’, you’re in that kind of mood

Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars – Safe & Sound

As a woman I generally despise everything Taylor Swift represents, so I make a point of trying to avoid her at all costs. But ‘Safe & Sound’ has conquered me in ways I cannot describe or escape from. It’s such a gentle song, included on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games, that I can’t stop listening to it while thinking about things like feelings and what the future holds. And even though Taylor Swift sings it, it’s not a Taylor Swift song in that juvenile “virginal boy meets virginal girl” kinda way. I still have some standards.

You’ll like it if: you like Taylor Swift, you’re feeling too much

Judy Garland  – Make Someone Happy

The Judy Garland version of this song has kept me really happy all week. It’s sweet, romantic and enchanting. It sounds like heaven coming from Judy’s lips. Truly a classic.

You’ll like it if: you have good taste in life 


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