This week’s tracks

B.o.B – So Good

For some reason I think B.o.B is so cool he probably can’t stand looking at himself in the mirror. I’m not really someone who is easily swayed by hip-hop swag types, but I truly respect B.o.B’s license to be cool and make everything around him just as cool.

This track puts me in a great mood from second 1, it’s one of those good vibe songs that work best in a sunny day with a clear sky.

Calvin Harris – Feels So Close

If B.o.B made me happy, Calvin Harris makes me feel slightly gloomy. It a song that simultaneously wants to make you dance and yet evoke the feelings he’s talking about, which are sort of melancholic. The combination of the two is both powerful and addicting, in a ‘Dancing On My Own’ kinda way, but without Robyn angsty-yet-amazing facial expressions.

Maroon 5 – Payphone feat. Wiz Khalifa

The melody on Maroon 5’s Payphone is instantly hooking. The arrangement sorta reminds me to Bruno Mars’ ‘Just The Way You Are’ but thank God, this track is much better. The collaboration with Wiz Khalifa adds an edgier side to an otherwise really cute song. With ridiculous lyrics, yes, but cute nonetheless.

Glee – Shake It Out (Florence & The Machine cover)

Even though Glee keeps actively working towards making me give up watching this train wreck of a show, by assassinating most of the characters I used to love, writing the most ridiculous plots ever and incorrectly assigning songs to cast members (whoever thought Darren Criss could sing Whitney had to be on crack that day), they always manage to pull me back in.This time, they pick one of my favourite Florence & The Machine songs, with the risk that entails, and instead of trying to emulate her they make something completely different, brilliant and unexpected with it. And they make me love them again.

Misha B – Why Hello World (Mixtape)

I didn’t watch the X Factor when Misha B was on, but from the few performances that I caught up with on Youtube, Misha B seemed one of the acts with more projection, sort of like a British Nicki Minaj, but with a better voice. Misha B’s career is yet to begin, but her mixtape, released yesterday, is a pretty promising start.

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