Cheryl Cole – Call My Name (Video)

Well well well.

I don’t really know what to say. I’ve been brain-dead ever since I watched the ‘Call My Name’ video, and brain-dead why you will ask, and I’ll say, well.


I mean, it has Cheryl, so it had little chances of being bad, but still, there was a possibility because sometimes even the best people make mistakes. But nope.

It’s a fairly simple video: Cheryl fierce walks through a canal, then she performs a killer choreography with a bunch of male dancers, then she drives a car and then she strikes a few poses in front of a mirror. But it genuinely works, the pace is great, the photography and the lighting are spot on and she looks stunning in it. It’s probably Cheryl’s best video to me, even considering the editing prodigy that is ‘3 Words’, because it’s not just the technicality what I like, but the entire video as a whole.

In short, ‘Call My Name’ delivers, and that’s all you need to know.

Now go on and watch it:

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