Amazing things Alert

HEY, I’m still alive, though being eaten by all the books and all the university things to study and finish for finals, yay!

So as usual, when I’m really busy there’s many things happening in the world of pop, so let’s just do a quick round-up in case you missed anything, shall we?

Kylie Minogue – Timebomb

Kylie is back with a track more reminiscent of her X era than the recent Aphrodite – and you know what, that’s perfectly okay, because ‘Timebomb’ is a killer that goes so fast and so hard that when it ends you just have to play it again. Over and over. Do it, and feel no remorse.

Cheryl – Love Killer

Cheryl keeps teasing and pleasing with singles and b-sides that anticipate what seems to be a really different album from Messy Little Raindrops (thankfully) and a really cool one. The last teaser is ‘Love Killer’, a dub step track with a heavy bass and really simple lyrics that may need a couple of listens to click, but once it does, that’s it. You’re forever hooked.

Donna Summer – I Feel Love

No, I haven’t lost my mind and I haven’t traveled back in time. Sadly, another music legend died this week, this time it was disco legend Donna Summer, who has amazing amazing songs, but somehow ‘I Feel Love’ is just in another league, inspiring electronic music since then and still managing to sound fresh and fierce today.

Loreen – Euphoria 

The rightfully triumphant winner of Eurovision 2012, ‘Euphoria’ is a huge epic dance track, lead by powerful vocals and an incredibly catchy melody that’s been on repeat for the entire writing of this post and is gonna be stuck in my head for quite some time, I predict.

Pastora Soler – Quédate conmigo

And from one Eurovision winner to a top 10 entry, because top 10s are great too, aren’t they Girls Aloud? This time the song is a heartbreaking, desperate ballad sung by Pastora Soler, who delivers it with power, passion and emotion, making you feel every bit of it.

Cheryl – Call My Name (Live @ The Voice UK) 

Yes, Cheryl again. This time on her first TV performance after lastyeargate, which I vow to never discuss again. The thing here is that she’s back and apparently not afraid of heights or, I don’t know, putting her LIFE in hands of strong dancers, I guess. Also, the choreography is FIERCE and she BRINGS IT. All those words needed to go in capital letters. Also, every time someone talks about miming on a tv show from now on I’ll nicely forward them to basically EVERY SINGLE ARTIST ON THE PLANET because they’ve all done it.  They’re still doing it now. There will always be miming on tv shows, people just need to get over it.

Glee Cast – Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Originally by Meatloaf, I’m not even sorry I’m recc’ing this. It’s just so camp and amazing. Also, Oda Mae Brown approves.

Florrie – Late EP 

Florrie is BACK with a new EP that will be available to buy from the 31st of May, and everything in it sounds genuinely good. Plus, she announced she’s signing with a major record label, and that can only mean that someone is going to get their electro pop wig snatched by her very very soon. Can’t wait!

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