Florrie – Late (EP)

Florrie conquered me when I first listened to ‘Left Too Late’, a dark electronic pop track that was reminiscent of Girls Aloud’s ‘Tangled Up’ sound. But that was back when Florrie released ‘Introduction’, her first EP. ‘Late’ is her third and when it comes to it, it’s at least her most cohesive overall, if not simply the best. The four tracks included are four very good pop tracks, impeccably produced and belonging to a style that’s already so hers, never falling into stereotypes or following specific current trends. It’s just its own thing, and that’s so very refreshing. Intelligent pop, I’d say.

That’s why I’m trying to pick a favourite track off this latest EP and I can’t. While the two earlier releases did have stand out tracks (namely, the already mentioned ‘Left Too Late’ and ‘I Took A Little Something’, from the ‘Experiments’ EP), there’s something about each of these four new songs that simply brings it. The deal with ‘Shot You Down’ is that it is based on a very well constructed lyric repetition that manages to make you want the song go on forever. Florrie goes a bit indie pop with the eclectic ‘I’m Gonna Get You Back’, while ‘Every Inch’ is very catchy and it has a fun, funky bass and a faster dance rhythm. ‘To The End’ is this year’s ‘Left To Late’: dark, powerful and simply fantastic.

This will likely be Florrie’s last independent release, as she’s set to sign with a major label later this year.  Now she has managed to solidify a strong music personality, the prospect of a full-length album is the best news we could possibly get from such a talented artist.

‘Late’ EP is available everywhere, so no matter where you’re from, head to iTunes and buy it.


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