Pati Yang – Wires and Sparks (EP)

Pati Yang’s music career began in 1998, when she released her first debut album. The Poland-born singer is also a visual artist, a DJ and a published poet. Her involvement with music includes solo albums and various collaborations with other bands as well as a side project called FlyKKiller.

Her new EP, titled ‘Wires and Sparks’, is a mix of 80’s electronic pop, ethereal vocals and a rather dark, mystic vibe that turns her into the perfect mix between Florence and The Machine and Little Boots. The EP opens with ‘Wires and Sparks’, the strongest track out of the four, with drums carrying the verses to the chorus and a guitar and keys bringing a sense of finality to the lyrics. ‘Let It Go’ is the track that most resembles that personal ‘Florence’ sound. Again, it’s the 80’s inspired drums what drive the song towards the big, desperate chorus.  ‘Take a While’ is a moment to relax: though also melancholic, the melody is more hopeful, less charged, a breather before the last track, ‘Breaking Waves’, undoubtedly the darkest track that sounds almost like a Funeral March.


Here’s a pretty good mix of ‘Wires & Sparks’:



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