Some things I’ve liked this week

Lady Gaga – Hair Live at Auckland, New Zealand

It’s been a while since I don’t listen or watch or pay attention to anything Lady Gaga does, because I, like many other people, needed a break from her. But I’ve watched this performance, and the speech she makes with it, and that’s the Gaga that I like. Singing great, performing well and saying things that are and feel true without being wrapped up in gimmicks. Hopefully her next album will be great, just like The Fame/The Fame Monster was, because a world in which Lady Gaga is everywhere with songs that are just not that good is a world I don’t wanna experience ever again.

Dover – Loli Jackson (Accoustic) 

Dover are a rock/grunge band from the 90’s that I used to listen to quite a lot when I was a kid around 1997/1998. For some reason, Dover started making shit music a few years ago, but a Trina advert has them singing an acoustic version of one of their best tracks, and I squee every time it comes on. Here’s the original in case you wanna listen to it.

Justin Bieber – Die In Your Arms

This is one of those songs that come out every once in a while that are incredibly corny and yet I can’t help but like, and yet liking it doesn’t make me feel guilty at all.

The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather

I discovered this song via Tumblr and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s such a simple song, yet very atmospheric. The lyric “so let me hold both of your hands in the holes of my sweater”, gets me every time. Apparently The Neighbourhood have recently signed with a major label so I hope we get more tracks like this one very soon.


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