Cheryl – Craziest Things (feat. Will.I.Am)

Cheryl was just on Radio 1, where she did an interview and played one of the tracks from her upcoming album, titled ‘Craziest Things’. The track is one of the two moments where Cheryl goes dub-step on this new album, and it features Will.I.Am quite heavily, to the point it’s more of a duet than just a feature.

You can tell, judging by the way Cheryl talks about this track, that it’s probably one of her favourites, however I don’t think it’s better than ‘Love Killer’, the other dub-step song we’ve heard from her. ‘Craziest Things’ starts promising a lot, but by the end of it you find yourself looking for a big explosion, a climax moment that is at one point anticipated through a bass line that fastens its pace, but never actually comes. Still, it’s a decent enough track and it’s helping to shape what it seems will be Cheryl’s best album to date.


Listen to the track below:

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