Cheryl – A Million Lights (Album)

Last night I live tweeted my thoughts on every track from A Million Lights, Cheryl’s awaited third album. It was really very late when I did it, so in case you missed it, here’s a recap:

Under The Sun: when I first heard it I wasn’t very convinced, but it’s growing with listens. It has a lot of flavor and it’s interesting. The backing vocals are too loud on the chorus though.  7/10

Craziest Things: Girl, if you wanna say FUCK on a song, please just do it. Censoring it is so lame. 6/10.

Girl In The Mirror: It just went from ‘okay’ to ‘omg’ after that dubstep breakdown. 7.5/10

A Million Lights: in terms of Cheryl ballads, this is probably her best, genuinely lovely. The end is a bit anticlimactic though. 7,5/10

Screw You: The backing track is FIERCE, but again the curse words are censored, it rests effectiveness. 8,5/10

Love Killer:  This isn’t a favorite for most people but I’ve found myself listening to it a lot since it was released. I love it. 8,5/10

Guetto Baby: Needed one second to identify this song as the Lana Del Rey track. The lyrics are so good, I specially love: ‘Im running temperatures thinking of your love, boo’. 9/10

Sexy Den A Mutha: This song needs to be a single like, YESTERDAY. The ‘oooooh-ooohs‘ on this song are life giving. 10/10

Mechanics Of The Heart: After Sexy Den A Mutha this is such a downgrade.Those lyrics need to go. 4,5/10.

All Is Fair: This one is boring me as well.  5/10

Last One Standing: i love the melody on this one, very catchy, decent production, I like. 8/10

Boys Lie: I didn’t recognize Cheryl on those first lines! It’s a strong one though, albeit censored (again, sigh). 7,5/10

One Thousand: This one is a 7/10 I think. Its good but it is not massively exciting or anything.

Telescope: This is Raindrops’ emo brother. I really like the piano but the song in general is a bit flat. 5/10


  •  A Million Lights has a very good Lana Del Rey song.
  • A Million Lights has a great dance song in Sexy Den A Mutha.
  • A Million Lights is generally moody lyric wise, just like Messy Little Raindrops was super positive.
  • A Million Lights has too many ballads.
  • A Million Lights has too many censored curse words that shouldn’t have been censored.
  • A Million Lights has some dub step influenced songs that are quite good.
  • A Million Lights is much better than Messy Little Raindrops and less catchy than 3 Words, but the songs are stronger.

Overall: 8/10

Here’s ‘Guetto Baby’, by the way:

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