Jay Z and Kanye West perform Niggas in Paris in BBC Radio1’s Hackney, is the best thing ever

Last night Jay Z performed his set at the BBC1’s Hackney festival and it was mind-blowing for a number of reasons: both Rihanna and M.I.A came on stage to perform with him and Beyoncé was seen singing Bad Girls from the audience. However the definite highlight was the moment Kanye West came on stage and the pair of them performed the Watch The Throne hit ‘Niggas In Paris’ . This track has become WTT’s biggest hit and it’s not iconic that Jay Z and Kanye perform it over and over again during their shows depending on how the audience was that night. They just shout ‘AGAIN’ and start it over, and it never loses its magic.

Obviously at Hackney there were clear time limitations (live on TV y’all), but despite that they performed it twice. Before the second time started, they told the audience to create circle pits so they could mosh as the song started and the VIPs, including Rizzle Kicks, Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé, also did one and as you can see above (and below) it was a success.

These two are just magic on stage and there’s nothing else really to say. The atmosphere they create is insane.

Watch them perform ‘Niggas In Paris’ below:

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