St. Lucia – EP

St.Lucia was a stranger to me only two weeks ago, but he isn’t anymore. His self entitled EP is a collection of songs that manage to thread the line between alternative and pop quite well, through electronic sounds, shimmery synths and catchy melodies. From the 80’s inspired ‘All Eyes on You’ to the funky ‘Before The Dive’, bright electronic keyboards and a very neat production make St.Lucia’s sound a dreamy mix between Owl City and The Temper Trap, that genuinely works as beach music and yet manages to be relaxing.

St.Lucia will release his debut album later this year through Neon Gold Records, house to Passion Pit, Ellie Goulding, The Naked & Famous and others. His will be the first album release of the label, as they had only managed single releases till now. St.Lucia is definitely one to watch, specially if you’re a fan of electronic pop.


Listen to ‘All Eyes on You’ below:

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