Charli XCX – You’re the One

Charli XCX is a relatively new artist for the mainstream culture though this isn’t her first music effort. Back in 2008 she released a couple of EPs, but she felt the need to reinvent her sound a little bit, and that’s what she’s doing now. Earlier this year she released two free tracks, ‘Valentine’, and  ‘I’ll Never Know’, as well as ‘How Can I?’ a song that was part of a horror movie.

She is said to be inspired by the Spice Girls and their message of Girl Power, but ‘You’re The One’ isn’t about bright colours. In fact, it’s a pretty dark and edgy track with strong synths and kind of moody vibe, yet staying a love song through its lyrics. The chorus is very addicting and the song in general is quite atmospheric. Her debut album will be released through iAMSOUND Records and released in October 2012 in the UK. Plus she is only 19, so here’s hope for much more to come.


Listen to ‘You’re The One’ below:

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