Songs that I found and liked this week

The biggest thing to happen this week in the world of music was the release of ‘Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange, which shoot to number 1 on iTunes in a matter of hours. Simultaneously with the release came the free legal streaming through his Tumblr, which you can access through here if you need some convincing before buying. I haven’t been able to listen to the album enough to form a solid conclusion yet, but one thing I know, ‘Thinkin Bout You’ is my jam.

Bangarang (Hook Remix)

There are some talented people on the internet. Some of them are so talented that they’re able to create music parting from small sounds and noises that appear on a movie.  This next one is a song called ‘Bangarang’ and made from clips of Spielberg’s 90’s movie Hook. To be this creative must be an awfully big adventure.

M83  – Midnight City

When I think about how I didn’t know who M83 were before last saturday, I want to kick myself. ‘Midnight City’ is the perfect kind of electro pop song: melancholic, longing and dark, full of 80’s influenced drums, an addictive sax and a synth path that’s catchy from second 1.

Kat Graham – Put Your Graffiti On Me (Bimbo Jones Mix)

I discovered this remix in the best way possible: in a club, and I loved it. It’s absolutely perfect to have a good dance off or even as work out music, the synth is crazy. You can listen to it below:


CATCALL –  Satellite

Another pretty good electro pop track, this time from Catcall, an Australian artist who released her first solo album in May. I have to thank Pretty Little Liars for this discovery, as it was used as background music in a scene and I felt compelled to look out for it.

Stooshe – Black Heart

This song is currently sitting at #6 on iTunes in the UK, and no wonder. Despite the lyrics are actually a bit dark, the song has an old motown girl band feel and excellent vocals, not to mention a very good chorus that I can’t stop humming.

Aiden Grimshaw – Curtain Call

Aiden Grimshaw joins the official list of X Factor artists that have released incredible singles this year, along with Misha B or Little Mix. Aiden surprises because of the quality and originality of the work, a clear step away from what was perhaps thought of or expected of him, towards the clear idea of a sound that’s purely his, that feels more personal, yet without giving up his very pop, very mainstream appeal.

Calvin Harris – We’ll Be Coming Back ft. Example

Calvin does it again showing who’s the top dance producer these days, this time with vocals by Example. Though not as good as ‘Feels So Close’, this track is still everything and more.

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