Pati Yang – Hold Your Horses


I wrote about Pati Yang before when she released ‘Wires and Sparks’, her previous EP, full of 80’s influenced dark synth pop. Now she is back with ‘Hold Your Horses’, another 4-track piece to be released on September the 5th, and this time it feels bigger than before.

Songs like ‘Hold Your Horses’ or ‘Revolution Baby’ are incredibly catchy yet still manage to keep up the dark, experimental quality of Pati’s music. If ‘Wires and Sparks’ was reminiscent of Florence and The Machine or Little Boots, ‘Hold Your Horses’ leans more towards a mix between Robyn and The Hurts. The second single, ‘Darling’, differs from the rest of the tracks in that it goes for a rockier sound more in the style of The Veronicas or even Florrie. In general, it seems like the sound is edgier now, more wholesome and exciting.


You can listen to the EP in full here:



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