Ruby Summer: Mermaids, poets and an interview

Ruby Summer is a fresh country pop duo formed by Summer and Ruby Spiro, two sisters from California. They started singing together in 2004 and since then they had the opportunity to release an EP titled Conspiracy of Divine Events back in 2009, and to tour with acts like Honor Society and Mitchel Musso, as well as having their songs included in a few compilation albums.

In 2010 they signed a deal with Seany Records and ever since they’ve been writing music and doing shows in preparation for their debut album, which will hopefully be released very soon. Their new single, titled ‘Mermaids and Poets’ is the perfect beach song, relaxing, catchy and nice, ideal for a sunny day and that can’t help but make you smile.

I had a chat with Ruby Summer, who are as lovely as they sound. You can read it below!

Let’s start with some introductions: tell us a bit about yourselves, when did you know you had a passion for music and how did Ruby Summer come about.

Ruby: We’re Ruby Summer. I’m Ruby, and Summer is my sister, those are our names that our gypsy parents gave us. We’ve been singing really our whole life and grew up in a very musical family. Our mother and father are both singer, songwriters, musicians, producers and ever since we can remember we grew up with a studio in our garage, with all sorts of music blasting from it. We grew up in Carlsbad, a little beach town near San Diego, and it was around the time we were 15 and 17 years old that we started singing songs in the studio and writing about our relationships, about life, living by the beach, all the boys that were skateboarding around our neighborhood… We would play at our local coffee shop every friday night with one microphone and one guitar and that’s sort of how it all began. I remember listening to our music and thinking, ‘this doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard, this just sound like us, but it sounds so different’, and it’s never stopped since. We’ve never really had a “band name” discussion, we just put our names together and that was that.

Describe your music. How do you think it contributes globally to the music sphere, what is your message?

Summer: We like to think of our music as poetic pop music. We love to write about life. Life is so interesting, and we have been through so many tests and trials and also wonderful times, that to me, life is continually fascinating and ever-changing. We like to romanticize the truth in our songs a little bit because it helps us get through the hard moments. Its emotional, and provokes feeling and thought, and makes you want to dance and cry at the same time. I think the people of the world, more than ever, want and need to come together and be unified, and music is the most powerful universal language.

Who were your favourite artists growing up? Do you feel they have influenced your current sound? If so, in which way?

Ruby: The truth is, because our parents were singers and songwriters, we grew up listening to original songs all the time. Our parents didn’t give us a huge music library and tell us to study this one and that one…. We were raised listening to new songs our parents wrote. We also love Joni Mitchell, she is our favorite. Her stories, her words, her lyrics, her melodies, they’re unlike anyone else, but I don’t think we sound like her at all, even though we’re her biggest fans. I think we just sound like us, whatever that is.

You write your own material, where does your inspiration come from?

Summer: Our inspiration comes from our life. We’re very inspired by harsh reality, and our dreams. Sometimes our songs can be so blatantly honest, and other times it’s very fantastical and magical. Like ‘La Dolce Vita’ that song is the truth and nothing but the truth. That was born out of feeling so hopeless and discouraged, and then remembering that it’s hard for the rest of the world too, and this is what makes it all so beautiful. Then something like ‘French Kisses’ is nothing but a dream of running away to Paris, falling in love, dancing under the Eiffel tower and wanting to bring it all back home to California. I think struggle is our biggest inspiration ever. I’m so thankful we’ve been very uncomfortable this last year! It makes your imagination much more active!

Searching you on iTunes I found you’ve featured in a few compilation albums, including Disney’s Tinker Bell movie soundtrack with a song titled ‘Pixie Dust’, that is so cool. How did that project come about?

Ruby: When we were first getting started in music, we made a very small EPK of ourselves dancing around the beach, singing our songs in our bedrooms and running around the camp store across the street. That little video got the attention of Lyric Street Records (A Nashville-based Disney label) and they signed us when we were pretty young based off of the demos they heard. It was around that time, while we were making our album, that we were asked to write a song or two for the Tinkerbell movies. That was very very cool for us, who doesn’t love Tinkerbell?

Do you have any single, EP or album releases coming up?

Summer: As for now, ‘French Kisses’ and ‘Mermaids and Poets’ are available on iTunes. We sell our EP at our shows and hopefully that will be released very very soon. We can’t wait to release our entire album, that is going to be very exciting, and in the near future.

If I checked your iPod’s Top 5 most played tracks, what would I find?


  • The White Stripes ‘My Doorbell’
  • Joni Mitchell ‘Carey’
  • Led Zeppelin ‘Going to California’
  • Miley Cyrus ‘Party in the USA’
  • Juliette Greco ‘Sur les quais du viux Paris’


  • Michael Jackson ‘P.Y.T’
  • Janet Jackson ‘Runaway’
  • Joni Mitchell ‘Circle Game’
  •  Pharell ‘Frontin’
  •  JLo ‘What is Love?’

Fast forward to 2017. What would you like to have achieved, as a band, by that time?

By 2017, we would love to be staring at a stadium full of people who are all singing all the words to our songs.

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