Things I liked this week

Victoria Beckham aka. Posh Spice tweeted this picture of her microphone a few days ago, which kept confirming what we already knew, that the Spice Girls will perform at the Olympics closing ceremony. This will be their second reunion after their 2007 Reunion tour, which I attended to and pretty much flailed throughout the entire thing. Here’s some pro footage of a tour that was regretfully never filmed for a DVD release:

Sometimes all you need for a song to click is having to dance to it in the club. I had tried to get into 2NE1 before without success, but I woke up on Sunday humming to this song and now I love it.

Speaking of club music, last Saturday I also danced to ‘Do You Love Me?’ by the Contours, something I never knew how much I wanted until it happened. Did I ever tell you that I have been obsessed with the Dirty Dancing soundtrack for as long as I can remember?

This song is one year old, but it still fits perfectly with a sunny weather. The bass line is immediately catchy and it’s one of those songs that run so fast you want to replay them again as soon as the end.

Every week I’m obsessed with a different track from the new Scissor Sisters album. First it was ‘Only The Horses‘, then ‘Let’s Have a Kiki’ (I’m still not over that one), now it’s ‘Baby Come Home’, which I think is the best out of them all. It has that 90’s feel that leaves me feeling happy.


I kinda enjoy Major Lazer’s remix of ‘Settle Down’, which you can listen to here. It’s admittedly not as lively as the original version but it’s a nice change if, like me, you can’t stop playing No Doubt’s amazing single.

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