A chat with Parade: ‘Light Me Up’, Girl Power and more

As you may already know, UK girl band Parade have released a new song called ‘Light Me Up’, which marks the beginning of a new era for them. I wasn’t as keen on them when they released their first album but credit where credit is due, ‘Light Me Up’ is a really good song, which makes their come back quite exciting. Not only that, but you can download it for free through their official Tumblr page.

Here’s a small chat I had with them in which they tell us a little bit about the making of their new album.

Your upcoming single, Light Me Up was produced by Tim Powell, who worked with the Sugababes and Girls Aloud. What was it like working with him?

Parade: Crazy! He’s like a typical British eccentric so we had a right laugh! He’s so talented and experienced but also really open to our ideas so it makes for a great combo!

You have also written the lyrics of that song, can you tell us what is it about? What was your inspiration when you wrote it?

Parade: Well, we didn’t want to write a typical song about a boy, but we knew that we needed a subject that everyone could relate to. So we thought we would flip the whole boy thing on its head and basically say, ‘I’m happy with my girls right now but if you can set my world on fire or ‘Light me up’ then I might consider’. We love it cause it’s very much a female empowerment lyric but cheeky, like we are.

Is there any song on the charts right now that you wish you’d written, or that you wish could have been on your album?

Parade: We are a bit obsessed with ‘Heatwave’ by Wiley (feat Ms D), it is such a summer tuuuuune! Its produced by Rymez who we’ve been working with a lot recently and he is an absolute genius! We are so happy that it’s doing so well!

You’re working with some great producers for your new album who represent an eclectic mix of styles, what should we expect from you this year in terms of sound?

Parade: Yeah. We have been so lucky to have worked with some incredible producers for this album! Lyrically very much of it has come from our personal experiences as a band. The album kinda tells our story in a quite an abstract way. It’s one of those where if you know us well you’ll know what we’re talking about but if not you could relate it to anything. But we have really concentrated on getting our characters and personalities into the songs for this album to give it the Parade stamp.

Musically, we’ve taken influences from our personal and collective musical tastes, which vary from drum and bass, to rock, to opera, to name a few. But generally it’s all very beat driven and our new obsession with Azonto Beats will become clear [laughs].

2012 definitely looks like the year of the girl bands with the release of your new music, the Spice Girls possibly performing at the Olympics, the launch of Little Mix and the comebacks of Girls Aloud and Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan. As a girl band yourselves, are you excited about a Girl Power filled year?

Parade: Totally! It’s about time!! We are so excited for those girl bands to come back as we grew up listening to them and really look up to them. Girl Power all the way!!!!

What are the most played songs on your iPods?

Parade: Oh god, do you really wanna know [laughs]?

  • Bianca ‘St. Elmo’s Fire‘, John Parr
  • Emily‘Heatwave’, Wiley
  • Sian‘Mya’, Sugababes
  • Jess‘More money more gyal’, Movado feat chipmunk
  • Lauren‘Shadow days’, John Mayor

This will be your second year as a band in the music industry – what is the greatest advice you’ve received that has helped you to grow as professionals?

Parade: Alexandra Burke once told us to always be true to yourself and that no one knows your product better than you. That was really good advice and we’ve learnt that it’s so true.

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