Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire

Alicia Keys is back with a new single, ‘Girl On Fire’  that comes in two different versions. The first version, titled Inferno, is a collaboration with a back-to-roots Nicki Minaj, who leaves all the pop and silly voices aside this time and simply delivers her verses in a way that’s reminiscent of her first collaborations. The Bluelight version is a stripped down, relaxing version, with softer vocals and a lighter beat.

Personally I think the Inferno version is more interesting, it’s edgier, whereas the Bluelight version is more your typical Alicia Keys album filler, not really bringing anything new to her discography at all.

I like the concept of releasing two different versions of the song from the get go, rather than simply remixing it later for the club or for commercial purposes.


You can listen to both versions below:

Inferno Version:

Bluelight Version:

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