St. Lucia – September


‘September’ is the new single by electronic pop artist St. Lucia, and it is undoubtedly his strongest yet. As opposed to his previous self-titled EP, that offered a decent 80’s influenced chilled dance pop, ‘September’ doesn’t hold back one bit, and it is as magnificent and addictive as it can be.

It starts with a 2 minute long introduction that acts as a powerful build up and sets the mood of the song, before abruptly dropping all the pressure and delivering the first verses of the song in a way that is very reminiscent of the Scissor Sisters. Around the minute 4 mark the song seemingly calms down again, the instrumental loses layers, and the lyrics repeat ‘hold your head up/reach for the sun’, over and over, while the song starts to grow again before collapsing into the final bang, an explosion of sound that lasts just enough and ends so abruptly all you want to do is play it all over again.

It is available on iTunes as an EP with a few remixes (the Alex Metric Remix is very good) here.


Listen to September below:


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