Little Mix – DNA

Little Mix have premiered their new single, titled ‘DNA’, today. This song is the band’s second single, third, if we count the obligatory X Factor Winner Christmas single (but we don’t). ‘DNA’ is noticeably darker than ‘Wings’, a substantial change from a poppy, light, fun sound to a much darker vibe that reminds me of Katy Perry’s ‘ET’, which also certifies its brilliance.

There is a ‘but’, though, and that is the fact that at this point we don’t know what kind of band Little Mix are. Their first two, singles, while very good, are opposites in terms of sound, which could be problematic if the public that found in them a relatable image and sound thanks to ‘Wings’ are not as attracted to a more polished band. ‘DNA’ calls for dark, slick themes that challenge The Saturdays’ style rather than the colorful, street clothing they sported in their previous clip, which seemed aimed to a younger audience to begin with. And ‘what they are about’ should be clear if they don’t want to end up being a band with a fickle fan base.


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