Girls Aloud – Beautiful Cause You Love Me

Radio 2 premiered today a second song from Girls Aloud’s upcoming ‘Ten’ album, titled ‘Beautiful Cause You Love Me’. It’ll apparently be the second single after ‘Something New’, and well. I mean, it could have been better.

  1. It’s a ballad, and Girls Aloud have never been a ballads kinda band.
  2. It’s also not a Girls Aloud Ballad (see Whole Lotta History’  for reference).
  3. It wasn’t produced by Xenomania, which might explain point number 2.
  4. In fact it sounds like a Cheryl kinda ballad, despite the fact Nicola is the prominent singer throughout the entire thing.
  5. ‘I’m beautiful cause you love me’ is the main lyric of the song. When analyzed with our Girl Power indicator, the result is -10 points. Plus, this message is exactly the opposite of what ‘Something New’ preaches about.
  6. There is no Nadine in it. There used to be, on the first Youtube version uploaded to the Girls Aloud Youtube account, but it’s been replaced with a Nadine-less version and this is not okay.
  7. It needs some ‘oomph’ factor, like a key change or some ad-libs from Nadine or something, but there’s none of it in there.

On the good side, Nicola delivers some AMAZING vocals on this song, and the melody is lovely. But when you’re used to AMAZING, ‘lovely’ doesn’t seem much. Maybe it’ll grow on me once I listen to it 45 times to force myself to love it. 

Anyway, here’s the Nadine friendly version that was taken from Youtube:

And here’s the new version:

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