The Jukepop ’13: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chaaaangeeeees

Well hi there!

isn’t this day so beautiful

I know I have left this blog quite abandoned, and I have to admit that the reasons are mainly work and boredom, which is no good. Work I can do nothing about, if I’m busy then I’m busy, but I also realized that it was starting to feel a bit like a chore to maybe write about artists I didn’t care much about if only for the task of having to update and keep this alive. And I also realize that maybe reading review after review of singles is not particularly appealing to the reader these days, so that’s why I am telling you about The Change.

This is no laughing matter

To keep things fresh both for you and I, I’ve decided to make this a more diverse blog. That is, I won’t put myself limitations regarding what should and should not be posted and how and just go with it. Like, I went through a really heavy 90’s rap research and rediscovery and I didn’t post anything because I felt like it wasn’t current. And I also went through an obsessive two months of listening to hardly anything but David Bowie and same thing happened. And maybe you would have been interested in both those things but I decided you weren’t going to be and THAT IS WRONG and I’m sorry. So, in order to make things better and ultimately turn this into a more interesting blog, I’m going to write more diverse articles, about artists, albums, singles or movies with a great soundtrack.

I’m so-so-so-sorry (so-so-so-sorry), I didn’t mean to break your heart

I’m also going to write the occasional article about Spanish bands or even write sometimes in Spanish if I feel like it, and hopefully you’ll stick with me. Ultimately if I’m pissing you off with all my changes don’t hesitate to tell me how stupid I am in the upcoming months at @jukepop. Seriously. I can take it (please be nice).

I hope you enjoy what I plan on doing and if the ideas itself aren’t convincing then here’s another gif of Dianna Agron being pretty that’ll hopefully be enticing enough:


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