A list of amazing Defying Gravity performances

Defying Gravity is not just another musical theatre song. It’s the most played song on my iTunes and I think one of the reasons why I can’t help but love it so much is because it is SO Disney. It expresses concepts like following your dreams, flying and being free from the perspective of the misunderstood in a way that is a bit corny while still being powerful and amazing.

While Idina Menzel mostly reigns this list (understandably so), there are some other interesting performers worth mentioning. So, here it goes, the appropriately named:

 – List of amazing Defying Gravity performances – 

Samantha Barks’ version

Before being an adorable Eponine in Les Miserables, Samantha Barks was once part of a show called “I’d Do Anything”, where she sang a shortened version of Defying Gravity that was, of course, amazing.

Idina Menzel @ The White House

Captura de pantalla 2013-02-04 a la(s) 00.08.22

Idina Menzel performed a stripped down version of Defying Gravity in 2010 for an audience that included the Obamas and their faces in the above capture express everybody’s feelings about it.

Rachel Tucker’s version

I saw Wicked at the West End last year and I was blown away by Rachel Tucker. There’s always a lot of yadda yadda about how no one will ever come close to the actor or actress that originates a role, but Rachel is incredible as Elphaba and she sings this song like it’s as easy as karaoke.

Idina Menzel  (pop version)

Captura de pantalla 2013-02-04 a la(s) 00.27.59

In 2008, Idina released her album ‘I Stand‘, that included a version of the song with a stripped down piano arrangement and less belting. This version is lovely and the arrangement was the one Glee based theirs on.

Chris Colfer and Lea Michele

Captura de pantalla 2013-02-04 a la(s) 00.17.27

Glee puts Idina’s pop version to good use. The reason why this song was featured on the show was because Chris Colfer had wanted to sing it in high school and hadn’t been allowed to because it’s a “song for a female to sing”. Three versions were released: Colfer’s, Michele’s and the duet, which was performed live on tour quite flawlessly.

Kerry Ellis’ rock version 

The title is pretty self-explanatory. Brian May from Queen plays the electric guitar in this at the Royal Variety show in 2008. Kerry was also that girl who went to The Voice UK and didn’t even make it past the blind auditions.The judges’ faces when she starts reciting her résumé are funny.

The Tony Awards/original theatre version

Kristin and Idina pretty much slayed at the Tony Awards. Both were nominated, only Idina won for her portrayal as Elphaba. Apparently she had an asthma attack prior to this performance, yet she still nailed every note.

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