Well yep, so typical of me isn’t it. I come back to my blog to write an entry now that Blogs Are Dead, and to make it worse the topic is the best (or my favourite, at least) songs of 2016 but it’s 1st of Jan 2017. I am basically the last person on earth to make this list, but I just really wanted to make it. So here we go. I’ll only list 10 tracks and like I said, I don’t intend to judge whether these are in fact The Best, but they are the ones I have enjoyed the most, and I think I have good taste, so. Let’s go.

10. J Balvin – Safari ft. Pharrell Williams, BIA, Sky

2016 saw the definite rebirth and polish of reguetón, a latin genre that’s been around since the early 2000s but that was much more rap-oriented before. The indisputable king of this year has been Maluma with his collaborations with Shakira and Ricky Martin, and yet he misses this list to make place for J. Balvin and his collab with Pharrell, called “Safari”. This song makes you dance, and if it doesn’t, you have no soul.

Best bit: Every time BIA’s verse comes on.

4. Rihanna – Work 

I could not get into Rihanna’s “Anti” at all but let me tell you, “Work” made it work it. In fact, “Work” should appear as one of the general highlights of 2016 because WHAT. A. SONG. It’s one of Rihanna’s top singles for sure and she does have a shitload of good ones.

Best bit: “what can I say? please recognize I’m trying”

3. Fifth Harmony – Work From Home

Listen. This song was suck a grower, and it didn’t click to me until 5H as a band clicked, and once it did, oh boy, did it click. Also I don’t think anyone before had made a song that talks about sex and about doing freelance work, so well done girls, really. I am rooting for you so hard on 2017.

Best bit: Lauren’s delivery of the line “let my body do the work”.

2. Kanye West – Famous

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about 2016 without mentioning one of the most relevant tracks when it comes to pop culture. It all started with the controversy over that one lyric about Taylor Swift and her attempt to victimise herself over it, it continued with Kim Kardashian’s brutal dragging of Taylor for lying and it ended with that crazy ass music video. But even if you strip “Famous” from all the controversy surrounding it you have to be aware that what happens from 1:45 till the end is pretty fucking genious.

1. Ariana Grande – Into You

If you follow me on Twitter you will have read me banging about this song this entire year. Look, I appreciate popstars who try different things and all that jazz, but I do love a popstar that just goes “oh I’m just gonna release a FUCKING BANGER” and does it. And it doesn’t matter which way you look at it, “Into You” is that. It’s Ariana’s best single, it’s her “Dancing On My Own”. The fact it has been under appreciated and pushed aside to make room for “Side To Side” only wants me wanna root harder for it. More of this Ariana. More of this.


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