Florrie – Late (EP)

Florrie conquered me when I first listened to 'Left Too Late', a dark electronic pop track that was reminiscent of Girls Aloud's 'Tangled Up' sound. But that was back when Florrie released 'Introduction', her first EP. 'Late' is her third and when it comes to it, it's at least her most cohesive overall, if not simply … Continue reading Florrie – Late (EP)

Florrie – Begging Me

Florrie is an English singer, songwriter, model and drummer that in 2008 became a part of Xenomania and since then has featured on some popular artists' records like Girls Aloud, Kylie or the Pet Shop Boys. In 2010 she started her solo career and since then she has released an EP called Introduction. Florrie's popularity … Continue reading Florrie – Begging Me