John Rowley: Guilt Trip + Interview

John Rowley describes himself as a '18 year-old Sydneysider and musician-writer-person', who gained a bit of recognition when Popjustice wrote about his great mash-up of 'Radioactive' and 'Pumped Up Kicks'. He has made a few more interesting mash-ups since then, which you can listen to on his YouTube channel. But he has a few tracks of … Continue reading John Rowley: Guilt Trip + Interview


Lady Gaga gets a bit angry

Peter Popjustice Robinson has interviewed Lady Gaga for the new issue of NME and they've talked about a few interesting subjects, including the Born This Way vs. Express Yourself comparison. According to the mag, she lost the temper at the question and said the following:  "why the fuck? I'm a songwriter ... Why would I try … Continue reading Lady Gaga gets a bit angry