A collection of chats with various artists.

Van Go Lion

Van Go Lion are a new electro pop duo from Portland, who have released their first EP, Body Moves in the US, and their second EP We Don’t Miss A Beat in the UK only a couple of weeks ago. The title track is a slick and shimmering piece of pop with a catchy chorus and a brilliant bridge…


Pob is a new, independent artist from London, fan of pop music, electro and dubstep. Being in a boy band has helped him acquire experience but also know the kind of sound he wants to make: Rusko, Labrinth, Major Lazer or Diplo are some of his main musical influences…

Ruby Summer

Ruby Summer is a fresh country pop duo formed by Summer and Ruby Spiro, two sisters from California. They started singing together in 2004 and since then they had the opportunity to release an EP titled Conspiracy of Divine Events back in 2009…


As you may already know, UK girl band Parade have released a new song called ‘Light Me Up’, which marks the beginning of a new era for them…


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