Beyoncé Bowl.

Sometimes Beyoncé doesn't look human. She's a technically perfect singer, incredible dancer, charismatic performer who can seemingly do everything. She is entrancing, mesmerizing when she is on a stage. Her Superbowl Half Time Show was wildly anticipated and of course she was brilliant in it, because I don't think she has it in her to … Continue reading Beyoncé Bowl.

Beyoncé, Nicki, Rihanna

There's a couple of videos that were released these past days that I haven't talked about. One of them is Beyoncé's video for 1 + 1, an artistic video using kaleidoscopic effects that displays once more that Beyoncé's beauty is really a work of art. The other video is Nicki Minaj's duet with Rihanna, Fly, … Continue reading Beyoncé, Nicki, Rihanna


Today's amazingness is actually AMAZING with capital letters. Lift Off belongs to Kanye and Jay Z's newest album collaboration, Watch The Throne. Beyoncé sings the chorus, her voice sounds incredible. The instrumental and the production are incredible. I am still midway listening to the album but so far, so SO good.

Summer is boring.

The capacity of choosing to do NOTHING all day seems incredibly appealing when you're working, on in the middle of exams, stressed out and cold. Summer, bring your beaches and your sun and your holiday! But then it just gets boring. So boring, actually, that Beyoncé made a video about it. The song is called … Continue reading Summer is boring.