St. Lucia – September

  'September' is the new single by electronic pop artist St. Lucia, and it is undoubtedly his strongest yet. As opposed to his previous self-titled EP, that offered a decent 80's influenced chilled dance pop, 'September' doesn't hold back one bit, and it is as magnificent and addictive as it can be. It starts with … Continue reading St. Lucia – September

Florrie – Late (EP)

Florrie conquered me when I first listened to 'Left Too Late', a dark electronic pop track that was reminiscent of Girls Aloud's 'Tangled Up' sound. But that was back when Florrie released 'Introduction', her first EP. 'Late' is her third and when it comes to it, it's at least her most cohesive overall, if not simply … Continue reading Florrie – Late (EP)

Pati Yang – Wires and Sparks (EP)

Pati Yang's music career began in 1998, when she released her first debut album. The Poland-born singer is also a visual artist, a DJ and a published poet. Her involvement with music includes solo albums and various collaborations with other bands as well as a side project called FlyKKiller. Her new EP, titled 'Wires and … Continue reading Pati Yang – Wires and Sparks (EP)

Sam Sallon

Sam Sallon is an english singer songwriter and guitar player. He has toured with Pete Doherty and Nouvelle Vague amongst others, performing at various music festivals last year, like Big Chill, Wilderness and Beacon Festivals. Sam's music can be defined as acoustic soft folk. His album One For The Road was produced by David Watson, who has … Continue reading Sam Sallon

Ash Reiter – Heatwave

Ash Reiter is an indie pop band from San Francisco. Heatwave is the first single off of their new EP, now available on iTunes. Ash Reiter’s new EP playfully combines indie pop reverb and beach rock harmonies, which makes Heatwave a fun song to listen to all year-long. 6,5/10 Listen to Heatwave below: