9 years ago, Girls Aloud happened.

Many things are amazing on this video. 1. Davina 2. Cheryl's celebration "YESS, COME OOON" 3. Nadine's and Nicola's babyfaces 4. Kimberley and Nadine's friendship 5. Kimberley's family in the audience freaking out a lot 6. Javine's smug face right before they announce the 5th member of the band 7. Sarah Harding's ugly crying faces … Continue reading 9 years ago, Girls Aloud happened.

Nicola Roberts – Yo Yo (Video)

Nicola Roberts has premiered today her new video for her new single, Yo Yo, a song that is on her unfairly-underperforming-because-it-is-amazing album, Cinderella's Eyes. The video is fairly simple, but Nicola looks great in it. Don't get me wrong, she looks great a lot of the time, but this time she is exceptionally beautiful, the … Continue reading Nicola Roberts – Yo Yo (Video)

Girls Aloud: The Top 10 *

Girls Aloud's prolific and high quality discography hasn't made this post very easy. They have so many songs, so many good songs and I've got so many favourites that you can be sure I've added, taken off, changed around this list infinitely until I've decided on the ones that finally made the cut. I won't … Continue reading Girls Aloud: The Top 10 *