Lady Gaga – Judas (Music Video)

The rumoured most expensive music video in history (10$ million) leaked today in low quality, forcing Gaga to premier it earlier than planned. It features Gaga as Maria Magdalene, Judas, Jesus and his disciples as badass Harley Davison's motorcyclists. There's a lipstick gun (?!?!?!?!), lots of (good) dancing bits, lots of costumes and not all … Continue reading Lady Gaga – Judas (Music Video)

Lady Gaga – Judas

When Lady Gaga released Born This Way I was a little disappointed. It is a good song, but it isn't special or unique and definitely not up to the standard I was expecting from her. The comparison with Madonna's Express Yourself was inevitable and unfortunately for Gaga, the latter is a better song. If Judas had to … Continue reading Lady Gaga – Judas