Auryn – Heartbreaker: Nuevo single, nuevo sonido.

ENG: Spanish boyband Auryn try their hand with dance-pop in their new single, titled "Heartbreaker". This is a big step forward for them, as it is by far their most solid and best produced single. Auryn's merit resides in the fact that they refuse to let their story play out the same way almost every Spanish band … Continue reading Auryn – Heartbreaker: Nuevo single, nuevo sonido.


Little Mix – DNA

Little Mix have premiered their new single, titled 'DNA', today. This song is the band's second single, third, if we count the obligatory X Factor Winner Christmas single (but we don't). 'DNA' is noticeably darker than 'Wings', a substantial change from a poppy, light, fun sound to a much darker vibe that reminds me of … Continue reading Little Mix – DNA