Girls Aloud have split up: The Playlist

Britain's best girl group A.S.G. (After Spice Girls), Girls Aloud, announced their definite split last night, about half an hour after the last gig of their 'Ten' tour ended. It was through a tweet, which kind of surprised everyone but also no one at the same time. As the pop world both rages and mourns … Continue reading Girls Aloud have split up: The Playlist



Christmas is about a lot of things, but it definitely wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas music. Here's a list of songs that give me that warm, funny feeling and that are a must during this time of the year. So here it is, in no particular order, the Jukepop Christmas Playlist Stravaganza.  1. 2 Become … Continue reading IT’S CHRIIIIISTMAAAAAAAS

An important music mission

I was given this two days ago: Brand new and empty to fill it with music. Basically I've made a long long playlist that varies through different genres, mainly electro pop as it is what my friend normally listens to. However there is room for some TACKY OLD AMAZINGNESS like this: Download. Them. All. It's … Continue reading An important music mission