The Jukepop ’13: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chaaaangeeeees

Well hi there! isn't this day so beautiful I know I have left this blog quite abandoned, and I have to admit that the reasons are mainly work and boredom, which is no good. Work I can do nothing about, if I'm busy then I'm busy, but I also realized that it was starting to … Continue reading The Jukepop ’13: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chaaaangeeeees


Some things I’ve liked this week

Lady Gaga - Hair Live at Auckland, New Zealand It's been a while since I don't listen or watch or pay attention to anything Lady Gaga does, because I, like many other people, needed a break from her. But I've watched this performance, and the speech she makes with it, and that's the Gaga that … Continue reading Some things I’ve liked this week