Randomness of today

This weekend is filled with Pride celebrations, so here are a few songs and moments to get in the spirit.   1. Melanie C's collaboration with Lisa Left Eye Lopes is not only one of her best songs but one with lyrics to double take. 2. Rihanna's got a secret admirer she cannot return feelings … Continue reading Randomness of today

An important music mission

I was given this two days ago: Brand new and empty to fill it with music. Basically I've made a long long playlist that varies through different genres, mainly electro pop as it is what my friend normally listens to. However there is room for some TACKY OLD AMAZINGNESS like this: Download. Them. All. It's … Continue reading An important music mission

Shoes power

Various pictures of Nicola's legs and (fabulous) shoes are the only teasers we are getting for now from her upcoming solo venture. It's random and slightly weird but it's also VERY original and strangely amazing. If only her music is like this, she will have saved 2011 in terms of music. And with Girls Aloud … Continue reading Shoes power